Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Price Validity
  1. 1. Price Adjustments: The final price of the project will depend on exact measurements, scope of work, and any changes in design, materials, or finishes. Quotes may vary by approximately 5-10%. For non-standard products, customization, or additional work, prices can increase significantly.
  2. 2. Booking Payment: To book an order, an initial payment of either 5% of the quote value or INR 25,000 (whichever is higher) is required.
  3. 3. Payment Structure:
  4. 4. Convenience Fee: A non-refundable convenience fee of 2% (including GST) may apply to certain payment methods (Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, Wallet, etc.).
  5. 5. Order Details: The name used for booking should match the customer's KYC details. No name changes or GST number inclusions are allowed after booking. Providing accurate names helps in legal communications, availing finance options, GST invoices, and processing refunds if necessary.
  6. 6. Minimum Order Value: Orders must include a minimum of INR 1,50,000 for "woodwork". Orders below this value will not be accepted.
  7. 7. Quote Exclusions: Initial quotes may not cover civil, plumbing, gas-piping, or electrical work. The exact quote depends on site conditions.
Payment Details
  1. 1. Cash Payments:
  2. 2. Third Instalment Payment: Must be completed before dispatch from the factory. Failure to pay on time results in a demurrage charge of INR 500 per day from the second day the instalment is due until paid in full.
  3. 3. Payment Approval: All payments must be approved by Aatharv Interior via email communication to be deemed effective.
  4. 4. Any changes during project execution will be charged on actual.
Installation Checks
Site Conditions: Civil work (false ceiling, electrical, plumbing, etc.) may cause marks and scratches. A final coat of paint is recommended after interior completion.
Delivery and Installation
Delivery Date: The delivery and installation date will be on or before the date specified in the quotation, provided at the given address.
Delivery Guarantee
  1. Eligibility: The Delivery Guarantee applies based on the scope of work:
  2. Guarantee Period: Begins after completing the following:
  3. Delay Compensation: If the project is not completed within the guaranteed period, Aatharv Interior will pay INR 500/day for each day of delay, subject to preconditions.
Preconditions for Delivery Guarantee
Exclusions: The guarantee does not apply if:
Warranty Coverage
Aatharv Interior is committed to delivering high-quality products and services. Our warranty is valid under the following conditions:
  1. Proper Maintenance and Normal Use: The product must be properly maintained and used for normal domestic purposes.
  2. Original Ownership: The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product.
  3. Original Installation Location: The product must remain in its original installed position and location.
  4. Validity Period: The warranty must be within its valid period, subject to the limitations set forth in these terms and conditions.
Exclusions from Warranty
  1. Labour and Transportation Costs: Any labour, installation, or transportation costs, or damage considered as natural wear and tear of finishes and surfaces.
  2. Conjugation with Other Products: Any products used or installed in conjunction with Aatharv Interior items, such as electrical and plumbing fixtures, countertops, and appliances. Use of Aatharv Interior cabinetry or components contrary to our instructions will void the warranty.
  3. Alterations and Abnormal Use: Any cabinetry or component parts subject to alteration, modification, accident, abnormal use, extreme temperatures, continuous contact with water, high moisture levels, or harsh/abrasive cleaning chemicals.
  4. Incidental Deterioration: Normal incidental deterioration such as nicks, cuts, scratches, and abrasions resulting from normal use during the product's standard life.
Non-Covered Claims
Aatharv Interior will not be responsible for any claims arising from defects due to material or workmanship not listed under claim terms. Natural wear and tear or damage caused by rough handling or using the product beyond its intended purpose is not covered.
Specification Changes
Aatharv Interior reserves the right to alter specifications in line with our policy of continuous product evaluation and improvement.
Warranty Scope
The scope of the Aatharv Interior warranty cannot be changed or expanded by any authorized representative of Aatharv Interior.
Repairs and Replacements
Repairs and replacements are subject to the current product offerings and styles within the Aatharv Interior product line at the time of the claim. If a product is obsolete or discontinued, Aatharv Interior will replace the affected component with a similar style based on availability.
Notification of Defects
Notify Aatharv Interior via phone or email within 10 days of noticing any defect, such as visual damage or a malfunctioning component. Notification beyond this period will void the warranty.
Repair Decisions
The decision regarding the repair of a component, whether in part or whole, lies solely with the authorized Aatharv Interior representative. The representative will decide whether to repair on-site or return the product to the factory for refurbishing/replacement.
Aatharv Interior will strive to replace or repair defects within a reasonable timeframe. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss due to the defect, delay in service, or any fault arising from design, application, or installation. The liability under this warranty will not exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement.
Warranty Period
The warranty is not renewed for replaced parts during the warranty period. Replaced parts are covered under the warranty only for the remainder of the original period. Except for components with a lifetime warranty, no product warranty will exceed 10 years from the date of possession for modular wardrobes, storage, and kitchens.
Modular Systems
Flat 10-year warranty on modular and semi-modular kitchens, wardrobes, storage, hardware and accessories.
Product Terms:
All Other Furniture
On-site Services
Painting Services
Items from Original Equipment Manufacturers
If the Customer purchases any of the Products (see below) from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and receives them, the Customer will receive the warranty from the OEM.
Product Warranty Details:
Product Warranty Period Remarks Exceptions
Wardrobe/Storage Shutters Manufacturer’s Warranty - 5 Years N/A The Armadio glass infill (lacquered glass, mirror, frosting, tinted glass, clear glass) will not be covered by guarantee if damaged abusively. The replacement will be performed for a fee.
Hardware, Accessory Manufacturer’s Warranty N/A It is encouraged to customers not to use chemical sprays or household cleaning agents; damage caused by misuse, carelessness, or normal wear and tear is not covered.
Appliances Manufacturer’s Warranty N/A There will be additional charges for labor and chimney cleaning.
Sink, Tap, Other Plumbing Installation Manufacturer’s Warranty Installation services and leaks after handover are not covered by warranty Customer to inspect during handover, and any faults found will be fixed
Switches, Lights, Other Electrical Installation Manufacturer’s Warranty Any replacement would incur labor charges of Rs. 500. Customer is responsible for doing a wiring inspection upon handover, and any flaws found will be fixed.
Product Without Warranty
Product Warranty Period Exceptions
Countertop (Material) No Warranty N/A
Gas Piping No Warranty Customer to inspect during handover, and any faults found will be fixed
Mirror, Glass, Other Fragile Item No Warranty N/A
Service Covered: Aatharv Interior Warranty

Note: The warranty duration described below is valid for a maximum of one (1) year starting on the date of handover. As previously stated, Aatharv Interior will provide a 100% warranty on the same for the first six (6) months of the warranty period. The customer is responsible for paying the remaining 25% of the warranty cost during the remaining six (6) months.

Product Warranty Period Remarks Exceptions
Countertop 1 Year
  • One year warranty for installation only
  • Both the installation and the material have to come from Aatharv Interior.
  • Includes installation flaws such as problems with the joints between stones and sinks, leaks in countertop sink joints, problems with sink leveling, problems with grouting, and problems with countertop leveling.
  • DOES NOT cover harm brought on by abuse, carelessness, or normal wear and tear.
  • DOES NOT address the problems pertaining to the inherent qualities of stone, such as variances in color, water lines, cracks, surface pits, and imperfections.
  • DOES NOT address problems that result from technical and architectural flaws that cause settlement or movement in the structure.
  • DOES NOT cover stains, scratches, or cracks brought on by using the wrong cleaning products, setting hot objects on the countertop, or dropping large goods.
False Ceiling 1 Year
  • One year warranty for installation only
  • Warranty is valid if the false ceiling, including related electrical work (such as light point provision, light installation, and any other fixture installation) and painting, is within the scope of work provided by Aatharv Interior.
  • The warranty applies when the false ceiling surface area exceeds 1000 sq. ft.
  • The warranty is applicable only if the entire false ceiling unit used by the customer is recommended and installed by Aatharv Interior through its authorized vendor(s).
  • The warranty covers defects in installation, including issues with board integrity, flaking and peeling of the joint compound, detachment from the substrate, surface cracks, and growth of fungus and algae on the ceiling surface, provided there is no moisture exposure.
  • The warranty includes the cost of labour and materials for false ceiling installation and allied painting services in the areas where the warranty claim is made.
  • DOES NOT cover any leaks or moisture caused by nearby vegetation, air conditioners, or other sources of intermittent water leaking.
    Excludes covering seepage, leaks, and persistent surface dampness from by capillary rise from the ground or nearby walls, as well as water penetration.
  • DOES NOT cover surface-related physical damage brought on by outside forces or entities.
  • Excludes coverage for flaws that result from structural failure or flaws in the ceiling's anchoring system.
  • DOES NOT include chalking and fading within typical bounds in coastal regions.
Painting 1 Year
  • The painting surface area must exceed 1000 sq. ft.
  • This warranty includes coverage for color fading, film integrity, chalking, peeling of paint, and the growth of fungus and algae on the surface, provided these issues are not due to the specified exceptions.
  • False Ceiling Painting is eligible for warranty only when the false ceiling and related electrical work are within Aatharv Interior's scope.
  • The warranty applies solely to areas where wall surface preparation is performed by Aatharv Interior and is limited to repainting of walls.
  • The same terms and exceptions apply to the False Ceiling category.
  • Does NOT cover if paint code is discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Does NOT cover fading and/or damage due to normal wear and tear, abuse, weather, or accidental damaging occurrences
  • Does NOT cover defects arising due to failure/defects in building structure.
  • Does NOT cover intermittent dripping of water due to proximity of vegetation or air-conditioning units or any other sources of water leakage like Internal Plumbing or Plant pots.
  • Does NOT cover Water penetration due to capillary rise from the ground level, water leakage, seeping and continuous dampness of the surface.
  • Does NOT cover damage caused to the painted surface due to fire, excessive heat exposure, corrosive agents, abrasive materials or by the customer including without limitation damage caused due to rework/fitting work done by the customer post installation.
  • NOT APPLICABLE to non-damaged areas and color differences arising between newly painted and previously painted areas.
Electrical 1 Year
  • The electrical scope of work must exceed Rs.50,000/- after discounts are applied.
  • The warranty applies to issues such as electrical short circuits or tripping, loose contact in plugs or switches, and loose contact in the installation of fixtures like lights.
  • It includes the cost of electrical components such as wiring and conduits, as well as the labour required to address and fix the specified issues.
  • Does NOT cover electrical fixtures like lights, fans and appliances under electrical warranty and carry their respective Brand warranty.
  • Does NOT cover where there is improper power input to the mains or Issues in the power input source.
  • Does NOT cover electrical failures due to physical damage of conduits, wires, switches and plates, electrical works repaired by any other representative other than Aatharv Interior and/or Inappropriate usage of electrical points.
Plumbing 1 Year
  • Plumbing work must have a value exceeding Rs. 20,000/- after applying any discounts.
  • This warranty includes coverage for leaks in plumbing or sanitary pipes, issues with improper installation of plumbing fixtures, and defects in the manufacturing of plumbing and sanitary pipes.
  • It includes the cost of plumbing materials such as pipes and accessories, as well as the labor required to fix the identified issue.
  • The warranty Does NOT apply if plumbing material is discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • The warranty Does NOT cover plumbing failures resulting from physical damage and mishandling.
  • The warranty Does NOT cover plumbing works that have been repaired by any representative other than the company representative.
  • The warranty Does NOT cover instances of improper quality of water supply to the property.
  • It also excludes water penetration caused by capillary rise from the ground level, water leakage, seeping, and continuous dampness of the surface.
  • Plumbing failures do not extend to fixtures such as taps, faucets, nozzles, water closets, shower cubicles, etc.
  • The warranty Does NOT apply in cases of mineral deposits or chalk formation on plumbing fixtures due to water hardness.
Civil 1 Year
  • Warranty applies to civil works, including dado tiling, flooring, and skirting tiling/marble laying, covering material and workmanship failures upon inspection by an Aatharv Interior representative.
  • The civil work scope must exceed Rs. 15,000.
  • Covers grouting for dado and floor tiles, hollow sounds when tapping on the floor/dado surface due to incorrect application or insufficient cement mortar filling, and/or tile detachment due to poor workmanship..
  • The warranty Does NOT apply if tile and marble are discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • It also Does NOT cover damage or peeling caused by harsh surroundings and maintenance, natural wear and tear resulting from rough usage, slippages of tile and marble due to natural bending, or the use of acids and harsh brushes causing damage to grouting and space fillers.
  • Furthermore, it Does NOT cover breakage of tiles or physical damage caused by external force.
  • Additionally, cracks or damage resulting from structural issues of the building or excess water absorption due to internal leakage or exposure to water sources behind the tiles are not covered under this warranty.
Custom Work 1 Year
  • Warranty is valid where false ceiling, related electrical work (light point provision, light installation, other fixture installation), and false ceiling painting are within the scope of Aatharv Interior's services.
  • Warranty applies when the false ceiling surface area exceeds 1000 sq. ft.
  • The entire false ceiling unit must be recommended and installed by Aatharv Interior through its vendor(s).
  • It covers installation defects such as board integrity issues, flaking or peeling of joint compound, detachment from the substrate, surface cracks, and growth of fungus and algae on the ceiling surface, provided there is no moisture exposure.
  • Warranty includes the cost of labour and materials for false ceiling and related painting services in the warranty-covered areas.
  • Custom carpentry is covered for material and workmanship failures, subject to inspection by an Aatharv Interior representative.
  • Custom work, including but not limited to wall partitions, wall panelling, headboards, pooja units, glass/mirror works, metal works, cladding, and other carpentry tasks, is covered.
  • Both material and labour must fall under Aatharv Interior's scope of work.
  • Coverage includes the fit and finish of the product, bulging and bending of core material, and bubble formation or peeling-off of top finishes such as laminates and veneers.
  • It also covers fading of colour or patterns and peeling of edge banding, provided the products are used in hygienic surroundings with proper maintenance.
  • The warranty extends to malfunctioning hardware and accessories, and any other manufacturing defects approved by an Aatharv Interior representative.
  • Fading of colour/patterns, peeling of edge banding resulting from improper maintenance, exposure to direct/indirect sunlight, heat, moisture, dampness, and improper use/maintenance.
  • Not applicable for refurbishment work.
  • Cuts, scratches, nicks, and abrasions due to normal use during the product's standard life.
  • Alteration, modification, accident, abnormal use, contact with extreme temperatures, water, moisture, dampness, or use of harsh/abrasive cleaning chemicals.
  • Natural wear and tear, damage from rough handling, using the product beyond its intended use, accidents, improper maintenance, intentional/willful misuse.
  • Use for purposes not designed or intended by us.
  • Rusting of channels, hinges, and other metallic parts due to moisture/dampness or use of harmful cleaning chemicals/sprays.
  • Damage from water leakages or spillage due to user negligence.Defects caused by pests and pets including termites, ants, wood borers, rats, dogs, and cats.
  • Natural material's seasonal changes such as expansion, contractions, cracks, warping, shrinkage, variation in colour/shades due to natural factors.
Shower Cubicles/ Enclosures 1 Year
  • All shower cubicles and windows come with a 1-year warranty that covers material and workmanship failures.
  • The warranty applies to any part of the enclosures found to have defects in materials or workmanship.
  • This warranty covers issues such as caulking, leaking, squeaking, and sagging, provided these problems are not due to normal wear and tear or physical damage.
  • The warranty includes the cost of defective materials and the labour required to fix the issue.
  • Claims arising from abuse, misuse, negligence, leakages, abrasives, accidents, improper operations, and natural disasters are not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty does not extend to scratches, chips, water spots, or breakage of glass.
  • Polycarbonate or Acrylic sweeps, seals, and door stops are excluded from warranty coverage.
  • Damage caused by faulty design of the residence or business, including enclosure design or tile installation errors, fit issues due to house settling, misuse, careless handling, alteration, misapplication, improper use of cleaning products, accidents, owner negligence, abuse, or acts of nature, is not covered by the warranty.
  • Discoloration or stains due to water hardness are also not covered under the warranty.
Warranty for HL Junior(Kids Furniture)
Product Warranty Period Remarks Exceptions
Aatharv Junior 2 Years Post lam Particle board *The header "Warranty Limitations " below contains a detailed list of Exceptions.
Warranty Limitations
Aatharv Interior does not warrant against and is not responsible for the following conditions or damages to the Covered Products:
  1. 1. Normal Wear and Tear: Wear and tear resulting from regular use, including scratches, dents, and cuts, or damage caused by impacts, accidents, or mishandling.
  2. 2. Misuse and Negligence: Damage caused by misuse, negligence, or normal wear and tear beyond standard usage.
  3. 3. Bends: Only bends exceeding 3mm will be addressed by Aatharv Interior.
  4. 4. Water Leakage and Seepage: Damage caused by water leakage, seepage within the building structure, or continuous dampness exceeding specified timeframes for different materials.
  5. 5. Degradation and Discoloration: Degradation, discoloration, or damage to natural wood materials, laminates, and other materials due to excessive exposure to light, sunlight, moisture, heat, or other environmental factors.
  6. 6. Inappropriate Cleaning Agents: Damage caused by the use of inappropriate chemicals, detergents, abrasives, or cleaning agents that can harm the wooden surface or rust accessories.
  7. 7. Mistreatment and Negligent Use: Damage resulting from mistreatment, negligent use, insufficient care, or exposure to harsh weather conditions.
  8. 8. Alterations and Modifications: Damage resulting from alterations, modifications, or usage inconsistent with supplied instructions by Aatharv Interior, or usage of unauthorized products.
  9. 9. Force Majeure Events: Destruction, damage, or unusability due to Force Majeure events beyond the control of Aatharv Interior, including natural calamities, environmental conditions, acts of war, terrorism, pandemic, government actions, or other uncontrollable events.
  10. 10. Improper Maintenance: Damage resulting from improper maintenance or utilization of Covered Products for purposes other than their intended use.
  11. 11. Resale: Damage occurring after the resale of Covered Products, either as part of a property sale or otherwise.
  12. 12. Re-installation, Repair, or Alteration: Damage resulting from re-installation, repair, or alteration by unauthorized personnel.
  13. 13. Rusting of Metallic Parts: Rusting of channels, hinges, and other metallic parts due to exposure to household chemicals and sprays.
Procedure to claim Warranty
Procedure to claim Warranty
Following the installation process, our team will provide the following cleaning services at the site:
Please note that deep cleaning involving mechanical equipment is not included in our scope of services.
Unloading Services
For any transportation of materials via stairs beyond the 2nd floor, additional charges will apply on actual.
Cancellation Policy
At Aatharv Interior, our utmost priority is to facilitate the seamless execution of every order. While we strive for perfection, our operations involve coordination with multiple stakeholders, including manufacturers, raw material providers, and accessory suppliers. Despite our best efforts, there may arise certain situations necessitating alterations to our prices and material offerings. In such cases, we are committed to maintaining fairness and transparency, thereby affording our customers the option to cancel their orders if circumstances require.
For all other scenarios, we kindly direct the attention of our valued customers to the table presented below:
Time of Cancellation Stage of Order Policy
Within 48 hours from order booking (payment of First Installment i.e. 5% of Order Value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher) and if Site Measurement and First Design Discussion has not happened Pre-Design Stage 100% refund of the Order Booking Amount shall be made (i.e. either INR 25,000 or 5% of Order Value, whichever is higher)
Within 48 hours from order booking (payment of First Installment i.e. 5% of Order Value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher) and if Site Measurement and First Design Discussion has not happened Pre-Design Stage 100% refund of the Order Booking Amount shall be made (i.e. either INR 25,000 or 5% of Order Value, whichever is higher)
After 48 hours of order booking, and before site masking is completed or 60 days have elapsed from order booking date, whichever is earlier Design Stage Customer will be allocated the order booking amount as credits, which can be used to purchase anything from Aatharv Interior or can be adjusted in other work order.
*The credits will have a validity of six (6) months from the date of cancellation.
Aatharv Interior shall not share the final designs with the customer
If site masking is completed, or 60 days have elapsed from order booking date, whichever is earlier | R2P Stage | Nil refund.
Any time after signing of the Works Contract | Production Stage and beyond | Nil refund.
The customer will not be eligible for any refund and moreover, shall be obligated to pay the remaining price of Order Value of the project to Aatharv Interior, i.e., the remaining 50%, in compliance with the Works Contract.
Customer Conduct
Terms & Conditions
Disclaimer of Warranty
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